I am so much different…

The year 2017 was the toughest year of my life. After coming from Vipassana on January 8th, my life turned upside down and I do believe this could be some past life karma’s to be balanced out. Fate played, and I got interested in past life. Instead of just going for a regression, I opted for getting certified as a hypnotherapist and a past life regressionist.

I enrolled and got trained over a period of three months.  On the last 5 days when the regressions were being done and demonstrations going on, Only one in Nineteen was to be chosen. Fortunately, I got selected. In regression, I saw my past lives unfolding like a pack of cards. I saw emotions and pain coming out, I saw tears of trauma making me accept things the way they were. It was a beautiful healing experience. When past life memories arise, you are able to see why specific incidents happened which itself is highly theraupetic.

A major shift happened after my regression as I saw myself more accepting, loving and compassionate. Things which generally used to bother me did not matter anymore.

My first client for regression while being trained was a certified counselor and therapist who seemed to be a tough client ( in my mind), but strangely she easily went into trance. She found answers to some of her issues with family in this regression. The other person who is a choreographer, dancer and Reiki healer also had a past life experience which was an eye-opener. In these two sessions, I realised how much elevating the whole experience was. I feel this life is so short and none of us should waste time causing harm to others. In the end, Only love and compassion prevails and that’s how our soul grows.

I am so much different today…

Note of thanks: I am indebted to Venu for rest of my life, who trained us on Past life Regression and also being such a great human being.

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