Surviving as an Empath

I am an empath, someone with the ability to sense what people around them are feeling and thinking. In psychology terms, someone with highly developed mirror neurons. This is not something conjured up in science fiction. I wouldn’t call it a superpower either.

It is debilitating and tiring. You are always under attack by people around you, and they don’t even know they are doing it.

I wonder how many people have gone through life feeling something was wrong with them, not realizing what they were feeling and what they were thinking were not their own thoughts.

I am an introvert,having preferred books to people and nature to any other stimuli. Social anxiety and panic attacks were my constant companions. My friends used to make fun of me for being overly sensitive. Violence in movies or even watching someone going through embarrassing situations was especially tough.

Initially, I started exploring Energy healing and meditation techniques to cope with my anxiety. I got initiated into Reiki, and also started practicing Twin hearts meditation(pranic healing). My sensitivity increased, which turned out to be good as well bad.

Because even though I would feel drained, I could also sense something foreign in my body, almost like a pipe, which was like a living thing squirming, moving and draining out my life force.These were psychic chords .

I started regular chord cutting and also began putting shields around me. Whenever my guards are in place, I am very high on energy, I can take on the world, get so much more work done and, love being around people.

But this never lasts, my shields always break because my emotions get in the way. The most common physical side effects are gastric issues because external energies tend to affect your solar plexus the most. In my case, I also have issues with water retention, especially around my shoulder and tummy area.

How to deal with these issues:

Learn how to cut chords.

If you are feeling particularly anxious or out of sorts, the first thing to do is center yourself, take a deep breath, and notice your thoughts.They may not be yours.These could be due to psychic chords.

Sometimes even physical pain could be due to chords. Once in a week, cut all chords including friends and family.

Use Protection shields

Imagine a bubble of white light surrounding you, Mentally program this shield to protect you from energy vampires and negativity, Invoke your angel’s protection in your shield. Initially you might need to reinforce the guard a couple of times during the day.

Listening to chants like Devi Kavacham and Hanuman Chalisa is really helpful too .They really help with persistent chords and negativity.

Just imagine being encircled by the words in these chants. Faith is what matters, you can also use the Lord’s prayer or The Great Invocation.

Stop spending time with negative people

These can be categorized as someone you dread meeting, someone who leaves you feeling drained, someone you seem to be having mental conversations with(not the dreamy kind), and if just thinking about them makes you anxious.

If the said person cannot be avoided, like a spouse(because of children and custody issues) or a colleague, limit contact to as little as possible.

Spend time alone, do something which feeds your soul. It could be art, could be spending time in nature or even exercise.

I have recently taken up coloring books, the intricate ones with Buddhist art ,it is quiet meditative .

Take regular saltwater baths. You can also use a salt and Coffee mix(equal parts)with essential oils like Lavender/Tea tree oil added to the mix .But this mix should not be used daily.

Practice self-compassion:

This is something, I am still struggling with. As an Indian woman, it is hard to let go of your conditioning, especially when it gets reinforced by everyone around you. 

In Hinduism, there is a Mahavakya that denotes Advaita Philosophy

Aham Bramhasmi -I am Brahman, or I am Divine.

This concept is not exclusive to any gender, race, creed, culture, or age group. It holds true for everyone.

Your happiness matters.You don’t have to take responsibility for everyone’s emotion.

Oscar Wilde famously said, “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation”

So my dear divine beings, question everything, Find what feels right to you, Learn to say No and Most important – Learn to Love yourself, treat yourself as you would treat your dearest friend.