Zimbra View mail disable

Do you have several admins who are looking administering Zimbra and you are concerned about all of them having access to viewing mails. Stop! Just issue these commands and keep the Admin password with you and they should be able Administer without “View Mail” options.

Commands to stop view mails from Zimbra, GlobalAdmin has be disabled:

#zmprov ma sachin@xxx.com zimbraIsDelegatedAdminAccount TRUE zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents

#zmprov grr global usr sachin@xxx.com +adminConsoleRights
#zmprov grr global usr sachin@xxx.com -adminLoginAs


  1. Very good, tanks a lot.

  2. Excellent tip! Thanks!

  3. Very helpful instructions and not something which is easily available on the zimbra forums. Thanks pal!

  4. in what versions this tip works? i’ve tried in zimbra 5.x FOSS without success

  5. This doesn’t seem to work in 7.1.1. in that the modified account can not create new accounts in the GUI. Thought it might have something to do with this thread:


    But I can’t figure out how to fix it. The fix mentioned in the thread didn’t do anything.

    • The option would be to create a group and then assign it roles. Then it would work.

      • Thanks for the response! I’m guessing this would all be done through the zmprov command? If so, I’ll try to figure that out. If you have specific commands, that would be very helpful. Either way, I am grateful for the information.

        One thing I did not mention is that I’m using the FOSS version. Does that make any difference? I made the assumption that this whole thread was about the FOSS edition since I think this capability is already available in the NE. But I could be very wrong. 🙂

        Thanks again!

  6. I have not tried this with FOSS version. This works on network edition. Also there is a bug added by Zimbra and this should come out in version 8 possibily. Here is the link for the bug https://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=61119

    If you need additional help as kit here and I would try to help you.


  7. Thanks!! This is great. However, how can I enable the Admin to create new accounts whilst ‘View Mail’ remains inactive?

  8. Nankumba Joanna Anna June 20, 2017 at 7:37 PM

    Oh thanks dear, It worked.

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