Wireless Router Reloaded.

I got my first Linksys WRT300N three years back when it was still not a standard and flashed with DDWRT. But now I wanted more, better streaming, drag and drop NAS, Media server in built. I was looking at WNDR4000 from Netgear and Cisco E4200. Finally grabbed the Linksys E4200 as this is broadcom based and DDWRT should support. Specs are nice too. I plan to bridge my second wireless as a repeater and let it die with age.

I plugged in a 1 TB usb drive and it was showing up in share. Also just adding the Music folder to Media server made uPNP install on my Windows 7. Everything worked as expected. I streamed blue ray movies without any glitch on the Laptop. Added a uPNP Play on my HTC desire HD Android phone and music streaming just worked. Now i need to get a new LED TV and a AV receiver with a good set of speakers to stream this for my home theater experience.

Here is a pic of my setup:
My new E4200 and oldy WRT300N Cisco routers

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  1. How much will that cost sachin ? is the speed good?

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