Which OS?

I am with ubuntu 8.10 now. Left windows years back. Now what ? We build our own comfort levels everywhere: People, Places, Products… and Choosing a OS and sticking on is same. Time to change but what? MacOS, Freebsd..or  OpenBSD. They all are Unix based and I am good on that. I guess i have none to move on, to make myself uncomfortable, to Challenge.


  1. try solaris if you want something fresh and away from your comfort zone. if you want to stick with unix and expand your education then i would recommend a slackware based linux distro (im currently running backtrack 3 on the side). BSD is also great but a little harder to get used to, but i will say using bsd and learning to use backtrack are rewarding experiences.

    • Solaris I am again comfortable. Backtrack is there always on my machine for I guess now around more than 2 years. I love backtrack and the way new tools comes up. The sad part the tutorials for them are less on web.Yes BSD probably OpenBSD is what I may move on to now. Thank You for the suggestions.

  2. What about LFS? Or Arch? Everyone and their mother seems to love Arch. I’m going to put together a machine in the next few weeks to experiment with Arch and Debian proper.

    • I beleive LFS is close to Gentoo*. I played with gentoo and love the stablity. LFS would be on the same grounds. Will try though. Thanks for pointing.

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