Python error

While installing Python on windows 2008, R2 server we came across error “The application has failed to start beacuse its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please check the error log”

On further trying to dig there was no information on eventlog. Also came to know that the error was related with windows manifest file. While digging online I came across the trace command called sxstrace. If you run it on command line you get the description

C:Program FilesVMwareVMware vSphere CLI>sxstrace
WinSxs Tracing Utility.
Usage: SxsTrace [Options]
Trace -logfile:FileName [-nostop]
Enabling tracing for sxs.
Tracing log is saved to FileName.
If -nostop is specified, will not prompt to stop tracing.
Parse -logfile:FileName -outfile:ParsedFile [-filter:AppName]
Translate the raw trace file into a human readable format and save the re
sult to ParsedFile.
Use -filter option to filter the output.
Stop the trace if it is not stopped before.
Example: SxsTrace Trace -logfile:SxsTrace.etl
SxsTrace Parse -logfile:SxsTrace.etl -outfile:SxsTrace.txt

Once i started this command and had the python run in background the etl file was created. here you need to convert the etl file to human readable txt file using the second command. And there it was, clearly showing that we had missed installing .net framework.

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