Opensource on steroids.

What happens when you join a fully open source company: 1. You have a fun time working. 2 You play with the latest tools. 3 You learn. The last 4 months i have tried so many opensource tools that I cannot put all of”em here, But yes some of them are worth trying if you […]

One month….Last day.

Its been one month without Asmi and Mayuri. They are flying back today to bangalore. Here is how I lived: 1. Food was mostly Egg and bread.(Maid who makes food at my home is pathetic) 2 Never did a single workout (Not even one benchpress) 3. Internet, old family videos for soul. 4. Late night […]

Ldap client settings.


Godaddy and SSh.

Godaddy recently came up with ssh for there users. When I tried to activate it says Status: Blocked – Your account is not SSH enabled. Please Note: * Your databases must be deleted before enabling SSH. Whats this ? To enable a single service I need to backup my sqldatabase, let them delete, recreate again […]

Which OS?

I am with ubuntu 8.10 now. Left windows years back. Now what ? We build our own comfort levels everywhere: People, Places, Products… and Choosing a OS and sticking on is same. Time to change but what? MacOS, Freebsd..or  OpenBSD. They all are Unix based and I am good on that. I guess i have […]

Linus Torvaldo.

Linus has a blog. Update: And so does my wife. 🙂

My new phone: Nokia E90.

Its around a 2 months my wife gifted me Nokia E90 and I am amazed with what all I can do with this phone.Here Specifications. Now I browse using my E90 at my home, office and Forum mall which are wi-fi enabled.I carry everything on this now:PDF documents, Songs, Audio Books, office docs. The best part […]

First 5 minutes with google chrome(Beta).

1. Damn this thing in too small (while downloading) 475kb. 2. Awhh installs from the web. (Guess its more than 7mb). 3. Installation is just a moving progress bar. No custom install options. 4. The first thing it did ask me once installed was: Do you want to keep google as your search engine ?Awesome. […]

Security guide from NSA (Selinux).

Accidentally came across NSA guide to securing machines while learning more on selinux policy. Here is the Security configuration guides they have online and here are some specific for your Operating System.

Moving Livejournal to WordPress.

If you got a livejournal account like Me and moved on to to wordpress, here is a way to pull out all the entries including comments from livejournal to your self managed blog. Download ljarchive, Feed in your livejournal login and save all the entries as xml. Once done get back to your wordpress and […]

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