Tech upgrades for this year

Led Tv 46+ inches Box 360 Dual band wireless router (5, 2.4) New dslr. Wireless Printer.


Just logged in to my ddwrt and a “PS” from root shows the wireless router password in plain “nas -P /tmp/ -H 34954 -l br0 -i eth2 -A -m 4 -k mypassword -s Sector7 -w 2 -g 3600”. This is ugly.

Windows Debugger.

While trying to debug a windows issue using windbg, I came across debuging sysmbols not getting loaded and got an error “module load completed but sysmbols cannot be completed” The easiest fix is: 1. Start the WinDBG 2. Select File >, “Symbol File Path…” c) Set the path SRV*C:sysmbols* Here you need to create a […]

VisionAPP replacement – mRemoteng

Yes, if you manage 100 of server on windows, linux, citrix you know what Visionapp is. I was always looking for a opensource replacement and after so long finally there is one which just works. Go download mRemote here. UPDATE: Sad, mRemote has merged with vRD. I have no idea how this goes ahead. (Removed […]

Linux Cache Thrashed

Recently I came across an application in my workplace which is still under test phrase thrashing cache on RedHat linux server. If this application would run for an hour, the Server would start slowing down and the only way out was restart the linux server. Then I came across this: drop_caches Writing to this will […]

Zimbra View mail disable

Do you have several admins who are looking administering Zimbra and you are concerned about all of them having access to viewing mails. Stop! Just issue these commands and keep the Admin password with you and they should be able Administer without “View Mail” options. Commands to stop view mails from Zimbra, GlobalAdmin has be […]


I am looking at Zine a relatively new weblog engine written on python. I found it easy fast and secure. A move to Zine from WordPress is next on evaluation.

Is chkrootkit the best ?

Mostly when I suspect that there is rootkit presence on Linux, I run chkrootkit. I am sure mostly all admins prefer the same or summer other tools like rkhunter. Yesterday just of curiosity when I checked the chkrrootkit script I saw that it would check for the default locations where the rootkit infects. A serious […]

Snort on Centos64 bit.

I was just trying to install snort on one of the centos 64 bit servers. It took me a while to figure out that its not easy as configuring on a 32 bit. Here just paste this if you get struck ./configure –with-mysql –enable-dynamicplugin –with-libpcap-libraries=/usr/lib64/ –with-libpcre-libraries=/usr/lib64/–with-libnet-libraries=/usr/lib64/–enable-dynamicplugin LDFLAGS=’-L/usr/lib64 -L/usr/lib64 -L/usr/lib64/mysql’ –prefix=/var/local/snort-


Several times in my work and freelancing stage organisations I have come across organizations who have deployed rpm based distro for there developers primarily a fedora or a Centos. The only issue was how to update.Cfengine was the preferred choice what I always deployed, Till i discovered Spacewalk. Spacewalk is plain awesome and you can […]

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