Opensource on steroids.

What happens when you join a fully open source company:

1. You have a fun time working.

2 You play with the latest tools.

3 You learn.

The last 4 months i have tried so many opensource tools that I cannot put all of”em here, But yes some of them are worth trying if you are a open source evangelist. Few which caught my attention are:




Syadmins: Try them out in your network, Its fun.


Forgot Freenac. And all this on network, how do you manage. I remeber using Terminal, then mRemote and today Visionapp 2009 (Best for Admin Managers). You?


  1. visionap is good, but sa d that not a open software.

  2. Thats true. But till i have not found any like them. Must for IT Manager or any sysadmin

  3. Mremoteng is free now.

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