My new phone: Nokia E90.

Its around a 2 months my wife gifted me Nokia E90 and I am amazed with what all I can do with this phone.Here Specifications. Now I browse using my E90 at my home, office and Forum mall which are wi-fi enabled.I carry everything on this now:PDF documents, Songs, Audio Books, office docs. The best part i love about E90 is the screen size. You can watch a movie on it. I love the GPRS on this phone which just works perfect. I tried both Google maps and Nokia Maps: Nokia is more recent and updated with voice navigation (Expensive* though ) as compared to Google maps.

Things I have done till.

  • Added my mail accounts to the phone. If you want to reach me anytime use my: me id.
  • Configured my SIP settings with Sipphone for VOIP calls.
  • Loaded NOKIA Maps. As this phone has a GPRS.
  • Loaded locatiion tagger.
  • Installed Gizmo and Fring. (Now I don’t need to run to my laptop when sombody calls me on my Skype or Gizmo id)
  • Nokia Podcasting! Now all my linux podcasts are downloaded into my phone. And when killing time I Listen.
  • Code break :Look Ma now My favorite Python runs on E90.
  • Putty the saver. I can manage every single server at office, home including my ddwrt-router through phone. Its fun to the core.
  • Yes I play GBA Games with the VBAG emulator. Last time
    i owned a gameboy was years back which I got from my USA cousin.
  • Boingo, A public wifi hotspot finder (The best i found till)
  • Ultimate Voice Recorder (How many times you wanted to record that rude support guy)
  • Installed Webgate Answering Machine (Yes sir, and I save money dialing to my voice inbox)
  • SportsTracker to track my workout online using GPS.
  • Shozu rocks. The supported application list is extensive.
  • Smartphoneware softwares: Crypto, Best Expense and Best Safe.

Work seems to be more in place recently with E90 🙂


  1. came to this link from your site linked here

    My e90 has been very usefull for all my business needs. Other than video not playing in all formats I think e90 is the best communicator till nokia has ever made. thanks for the smartphoneware link. very usefull.

  2. You still have that gameboy? That’s worth a pretty penny if its still in good shape. 😀

    The US lags with quality GSM service. We have shoddy AT&T and Cingular. I’m with Verizon (CDMA) and will be for the foreseeable future, and I have the Pantech PN-820. Not nearly as nice as your phone, though. 😛

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