Moving Livejournal to WordPress.

If you got a livejournal account like Me and moved on to to wordpress, here is a way to pull out all the entries including comments from livejournal to your self managed blog. Download ljarchive, Feed in your livejournal login and save all the entries as xml. Once done get back to your wordpress and feed in the xml file. Done.

Would suggest to do it before you update your wordpress journal. I can be wrong, but some entries were missing when i did the update on the blog which had previous entries. When i did it on a clean database, it took all of them.

TIP :If you don’t want to miss on people who used to frequent your livejournal get the Livejournal crossposter and when you make a post on your wordpress blog it gets posted on yor livejournal account. Easy, ain’t?

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  1. thnx was very helpfull. please tell how can i put the reading book on my blog

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