Linksys wireless routers

I have two wireless router lying around now, One a Wrt54G V6 which has just 2mb flash and 8mb RAM and flashing it doesn’t make sense. The Wrt300N V1 has 4MB flash and 32MB ram supported by Openwrt and DDwrt.I plan to hack it on this weekend.

Non geeks: Why flash?

On default there are lot of features you can enable on a flashed router like increasing network range, running services on the router and lot of other cool things.

If you plan to buy a router for hacking from linksys prefer these as (There may be others, this is as far as i know) :

*WRT54GV1 till 4
*WRT54GSV1 till 3
*NSLU2 (With external USB, Flexible storage).

Suggested reading: Syngress WRT54G Ultimate hacking, Openwrt hardware support, DDwrt and lots of google.

I plan to get NSLU2 this weekend and shift the wrt54g v6 to my father-in-law house 🙂

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