IFB Appliance poor support

If you stay in India, please ensure that you read, discuss and check  after Sales Support for appliances you buy. Lately I had a very bitter experience with IFB poor support. Unfortunately companies like these do not care who they have outsourced there work too. In my case a ticket was filed but the same was never tracked. A ticket should be filled by the service engineer when a issue is registered with auto-escalation alert to personnel who are responsible. I understand that IFB has assigned somebody partially to monitor portals like Mouthshut . He/She does respond to queries on forums, but issue resolves at the same pace.

Its time to buck up there sleeves and monitor/track customer issue resolution in time, If not: You have customers left with bad taste who are sure to leave breadcrumbs about their experiences online. Here is one I have left:

http://www.mouthshut.com/product-reviews/IFB-Digital-reviews-925049074 – Original
https://storify.com/sachingopal/pathetic-service-from-ifb-partner#publicize – Backup post

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