First 5 minutes with google chrome(Beta).

1. Damn this thing in too small (while downloading) 475kb.
2. Awhh installs from the web. (Guess its more than 7mb).
3. Installation is just a moving progress bar. No custom install options.
4. The first thing it did ask me once installed was: Do you want to keep google as your search engine ?Awesome.
5. The visual area (as default) is so far the max i have seen on this browser. I am impressed.
6. All my keyboard shortcuts work flawlessly.
7. Chrome uses the top bar for keeping tabs, A smart move to save space.
8. I fed some test sites which misbehave on opera:Works Perfect.
9. Pop up blocker works.
10. Downloader is again impeccable. Sits down extreme left with the tab box indicating which page initiated the download.
11. A new tab shows history pages as thumbnail with a search bar something I really need.

My say:  I am with Chrome from now on. The way google works this browser would soon have
tons of features when it moves off  beta. Go download  Google Chrome. Here is the feature list.

Update: Try on address bar about:memory and see details on Chrome and other browsers memory usage. Alternatively try  (shift + esc) to see google chrome taskbar. Buggy flash.

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4 thoughts on “First 5 minutes with google chrome(Beta).

  1. Make sure to go to about chrome and switch it to developer mode to get all the latest updates. Chrome has had an update to fix flash (mostly).

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