Farewell Atul Chitnis

Atul Chitnis

Atul ChitnisBack in 1994/1995 – Bhopal I was a shy, under-confident, docile kid with no mentor. Even though I was in English medium school, we barely spoke English. Same year, I joined Bombay LUG and there I met Atul: A Strong minded, articulate Technology Guru Atul Chitnis. Somebody who could talk on anything, and fiercely debate if he believed in something often bruising egos on the way. I never met him in person but frequently hoped to his site, would follow his responses and be in awe. Time flew and i got busy with life.

Yesterday i went back to my old archives to see LUG silent with the last response from Atul. When I did a google on him, i came to know that he had a stomach cancer and passed away on June 2013. I was in deep state of shock for the entire night trying to believe that this guru for whom I was not even an Eklavya passed away at 51.

Wherever you are Atul- I know you will be different there to. To somebody who has a play in whatever small I am today, My respect.

Closing with his favorite quote~ “You are not remembered for what is expected of You

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