I heard about Bitcoin way back in 2009  on a live Internet radio and the person who shared this info made Bitcoin on his Xeon server just running it for a night. Now, its no more easy and neither do I have a powerful ASIC like this. In case you have in abundance, would you […]


I am looking at Zine a relatively new weblog engine written on python. I found it easy fast and secure. A move to Zine from WordPress is next on evaluation.


Several times in my work and freelancing stage organisations I have come across organizations who have deployed rpm based distro for there developers primarily a fedora or a Centos. The only issue was how to update.Cfengine was the preferred choice what I always deployed, Till i discovered Spacewalk. Spacewalk is plain awesome and you can […]

Opensource on steroids.

What happens when you join a fully open source company: 1. You have a fun time working. 2 You play with the latest tools. 3 You learn. The last 4 months i have tried so many opensource tools that I cannot put all of”em here, But yes some of them are worth trying if you […]

Godaddy and SSh.

Godaddy recently came up with ssh for there users. When I tried to activate it says Status: Blocked – Your account is not SSH enabled. Please Note: * Your databases must be deleted before enabling SSH. Whats this ? To enable a single service I need to backup my sqldatabase, let them delete, recreate again […]

Linus Torvaldo.

Linus has a blog. Update: And so does my wife. 🙂

My new phone: Nokia E90.

Its around a 2 months my wife gifted me Nokia E90 and I am amazed with what all I can do with this phone.Here Specifications. Now I browse using my E90 at my home, office and Forum mall which are wi-fi enabled.I carry everything on this now:PDF documents, Songs, Audio Books, office docs. The best part […]

First 5 minutes with google chrome(Beta).

1. Damn this thing in too small (while downloading) 475kb. 2. Awhh installs from the web. (Guess its more than 7mb). 3. Installation is just a moving progress bar. No custom install options. 4. The first thing it did ask me once installed was: Do you want to keep google as your search engine ?Awesome. […]

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