Recover Linux

Interesting Rescue to safe boot from a crash.

mRemote more Ranting…

Sometime back I had a post on moving from VisionApp, From then i moved on to mRemote which visionapp took over.For managing 50+ servers I still work with gnome-rdp and Vinagre on linux. Today i bumped in to Monocaffe which looks promising. I tested this on Debian and its just plain awesome. Update: This fails […]

Centos 6/ RedHat 6 connectivity for Openldap server without TLS/Kerberos

To enable Openldap clients on / Linux without tls follow the procedures below: yum install nss-pam-ldapd (nss and pam modules using LDAP) yum install pam_ldap (Pam-ldap) authconfig –enableldap –enableldapauth –ldapserver= –ldapbasedn=dc=sachingopal,dc=net –disablesssdauth –updateall or you can use authconfig-gtk. Disable kerberos and you should able to login.

Linux Cache Thrashed

Recently I came across an application in my workplace which is still under test phrase thrashing cache on RedHat linux server. If this application would run for an hour, the Server would start slowing down and the only way out was restart the linux server. Then I came across this: drop_caches Writing to this will […]


Several times in my work and freelancing stage organisations I have come across organizations who have deployed rpm based distro for there developers primarily a fedora or a Centos. The only issue was how to update.Cfengine was the preferred choice what I always deployed, Till i discovered Spacewalk. Spacewalk is plain awesome and you can […]

Opensource on steroids.

What happens when you join a fully open source company: 1. You have a fun time working. 2 You play with the latest tools. 3 You learn. The last 4 months i have tried so many opensource tools that I cannot put all of”em here, But yes some of them are worth trying if you […]

Ldap client settings.


Linus Torvaldo.

Linus has a blog. Update: And so does my wife. 🙂

Security guide from NSA (Selinux).

Accidentally came across NSA guide to securing machines while learning more on selinux policy. Here is the Security configuration guides they have online and here are some specific for your Operating System.

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