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First Anniversray.

Today Me and Mayuri celebrated our first marriage anniversary.  At 2400HRS we started with cake and flowers (Courtesy: Cheena) and the whole day with movies and playing with Asmi. Evening we plan to go out with our friends have fun. Love you wife, You are my world.

I am a daddy now.

Today morning 0924HRS Me and Mayuri got blessed with a beautifull girl. Pictures to come soon. Update: Yes I am coming up with a separate baby section to upload all pictures and videos once the naming ceremony is done. Till then here is my baby girl “Just born” pic:

Linksys wireless routers

I have two wireless router lying around now, One a Wrt54G V6 which has just 2mb flash and 8mb RAM and flashing it doesn’t make sense. The Wrt300N V1 has 4MB flash and 32MB ram supported by Openwrt and DDwrt.I plan to hack it on this weekend. Non geeks: Why flash? On default there are […]

So long.

28 July 2007:last day at working for Xensource. Xenning was fun as the technology is hot, new and happening and i see a wondrous future.But on that, i was wayworn of travelling on weekend and had no way but to quit out. I will miss my friends Deepak, Tatya, Rohan, Pradeep, Ritesh and Vikas. Citrix […]


Consumed 3 books today, The hackers Challenge, Sacred Evil and a book on Astro science which i cannot track on All Consuming. I look forward to days like these. Now with Good to Great. Strangely i want to read more Occult books, But why ? hmmm.


As on this day a search on my name Sachin Gopal at google brings my domain name on the top, before www.sachingopal.com

Privacy ?

I am on the path for designing my site and realized that always and today i was concerned about online privacy. Trust me one day to find about you, nobody will call you. They will google you. There are already documents and how to’s explaining to delete your online presence. Back to where i started: […]

Hello sachingopal.net

Finally moved from Lj to my self managed blog. It feels good to have your place on net. www.sachingopal.com is taken and I am going to follow that domain. If I am lucky and it expires, who knows. Probably one day. Till then on .net

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