IFB Appliance poor support

If you stay in India, please ensure that you read, discuss and check¬† after Sales Support for appliances you buy. Lately I had a very bitter experience with IFB poor support.¬†Unfortunately companies like these do not care who they have outsourced there work too. In my case a ticket was filed but the same was […]

Detect proxy server on ISP

Are you on broadband, If yes are you sure¬† there is no proxy server placed by your ISP ? You would ask how does that make a difference. It does. For the non geeks: Proxy is an appliance or a server application configured to serve pages cached locally. Let say you browse www.redhat.com, here proxy […]

Farewell Atul Chitnis

Back in 1994/1995 – Bhopal I was a shy, under-confident, docile kid with no mentor. Even though I was in English medium school, we barely spoke English. Same year, I joined Bombay LUG and there I met Atul Chitnis A Strong minded, articulate Technology Guru. Somebody who could talk on anything, and fiercely debate if […]

WordPress app on Android/Iphone not working – Fix

While trying to upload videos, pictures using WordPress app on Android I was not able to connect feeding the URL with wp-login file. Google search showed xmlrpc.php file not being found as the probable reason. And ssh to the remote server showed xmlrpc file present on the folder, and accessing through browser got a accept […]

Incoming on sachingopalkrishnan.com

For a week, http://www.sachingopal.net was down, as I was moving it to http://www.sachingopalkrishnan.com. During the move i messed up the db badly while running sql commands, and all my backups were too old for recovery. After extensive manual edits, finally the site is back with improved security sachingopal.net will now forward on to here henceforth, […]

Samba4 All hopes dead.

Been waiting for Samba4 stable for long. It seems the wait is not worth and the development is snail slow. The scheduled alpha15 is still not here. Time to go with ADS.

Tech upgrades for this year

Led Tv 46+ inches Box 360 Dual band wireless router (5, 2.4) New dslr. Wireless Printer.


Just logged in to my ddwrt and a “PS” from root shows the wireless router password in plain “nas -P /tmp/nas.wl0lan.pid -H 34954 -l br0 -i eth2 -A -m 4 -k mypassword -s Sector7 -w 2 -g 3600”. This is ugly.

VisionAPP replacement – mRemoteng

Yes, if you manage 100 of server on windows, linux, citrix you know what Visionapp is. I was always looking for a opensource replacement and after so long finally there is one which just works. Go download mRemote here. UPDATE: Sad, mRemote has merged with vRD. I have no idea how this goes ahead. (Removed […]

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