Privacy ?

I am on the path for designing my site and realized that always and today i was concerned about online privacy. Trust me one day to find about you, nobody will call you. They will google you. There are already documents and how to’s explaining to delete your online presence.

Back to where i started: Now when i look on to the web world i see services like Plazes, Twitter which are popular. Now i understand that they share a lot of information about me. Honestly i love showing online where i am , what i am doing but when i think for my privacy this is all freakingly scary.

Every time i check my bank or look at a site i am concerned of phishing scams, when i register i try to have pseudo-names, My home machines whenever went online been always on my own hand coded iptables. IDS has been always a part of my home machines. Still there are places you get information on me. Did a google here and you see my Xensource id. A whois gives my home address. Will this come back on me someday ? Will it for you ?

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