Pluggin for your Meditation stats on WordPress

Added meditation stats details on this website from my Insight timer , the number one app on playstore and IOS for serious meditators. With more than thousands of talks, music and guided meditations this is a must app on your phone. Should you want this wordpress plugin, do reach me using the contact form.

Tum jaisey bewadon ka …

A song dedicated to all my xavierites chaddi friends and the few others. You know who you are….

I am so much different…

The year 2017 was the toughest year of my life. After coming from Vipassana on January 8th, my life turned upside down and I do believe this could be some past life karma’s to be balanced out. Fate played, and I got interested in past life. Instead of just going for a regression, I opted […]


Bangalore is 24 celsius and while driving today, wind on my face, Felitsa on stream – I was in a state of pure bliss. Here is the live recorded video for you to enjoy.

Ghazab kiya

Just heard another beautifull song from Pankaj Udhas and here is a line in my voice. Listen the original song here. Ghazab kiyaa, tere vaade pe aitbaar kiyaa Ghazab kiyaa, tere vaade pe aitbaar kiyaaTamaam raat qayaamat kaa intezaar kiyaaGhazab kiyaa, tere vaade pe aitbaar kiyaa Ham aise mahv-e-nazaaraa na the jo hosh aataaHam aise […]

Going Vegan

A beautiful video of Jim Morris going vegan and still being into bodybuilding. I workout 3 days a week and meat was a major portion i would depend on  for holding on to those <Few :)> muscles. I plan to be a vegan soon, at least try   Update: Jim Morris passed away on on […]


Sometime go outside and sit, in the evening at sunset, when there’s a slight breeze that touches your body, and makes the leaves and the trees move gently. You’re not trying to do anything, really. You’re simply allowing yourself to be, very open from deep within, without holding onto anything whatsoever. Don’t bring something back […]

Meditation- The original Buddha’s method

Meditation is a state where you train your monkey mind  rise towards the wise mind. Buddha’s unmodified meditation was brought to India By S.N. Goenka, a Burmese by birth settled in India. He taught mediation to thousands of people. Buddha’s meditation was  modified by adding different styles over a period. The Book of Secrets confirms […]

Which hat do you wear ?

  It’s more than 14 years with Linux, and I still come across young engineers hell bent on saying not to support commercial Linux or Windows distribution. I been always an open-source evangelist in my twenties and spoke against distributions like windows and mac. But now it’s different. I today work & consult for IT […]

Linksys WRT 1900 wireless router

Bought a new Linksys WRT 1900 wireless router and dying to rave about it. A Bit expensive, $383 in India through and one of the fastest routers available today. If you are looking at a router with opensource readiness, go for this. If price is a factor you can get an equivalent router like […]

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