Farewell Atul Chitnis

Back in 1994/1995 – Bhopal I was a shy, under-confident, docile kid with no mentor. Even though I was in English medium school, we barely spoke English. Same year, I joined Bombay LUG and there he was: Strong minded, articulate, and never backing down Technology Guru Atul Chitnis. Somebody who could talk on anything. I never knew him but frequently hoped to his site, would follow his responses and be in awe. Time flew and i got busy with life.

Yesterday i went back to my old archives to see LUG silent with the last response from Atul. When I did a google on him, i came to know that he had a stomach cancer and passed away on June 2013. I was in deep state of shock for the entire night trying to believe that this guru for whom I was not even an Eklavya passed away at 51.

Wherever you are Atul- I know you will be different there to. To somebody who has a play in whatever small I am today, My respect.

Closing with his favorite quote~ “You are not remembered for what is expected of You

WordPress app on Android/Iphone not working – Fix

While trying to upload videos, pictures using WordPress app on Android I was not able to connect feeding the URL with wp-login file. Google search showed xmlrpc.php file not being found as the probable reason.

And ssh to the remote server showed xmlrpc file present on the folder, and accessing through browser got a accept POST requests status.Adding http://site.com/folder/xmlrpc.php worked. Because my hosting currently has multiple sites, trying to access site2.com using the above option failed. When i tried accessing the xmlrpc through HTTP i got a 404 error.Adding a forward slash after (xmlrpc.php/) showed the accept post.

Probably my modded .htacess file could be the reason, but as long as this helps somebody.


I heard about Bitcoin way back in 2009  on a live Internet radio and the person who shared this info made Bitcoin on his Xeon server just running it for a night. Now, its no more easy and neither do I have a powerful ASIC like this. In case you have in abundance, would you donate one.

My id : 1FhqjFbA31MBWp2f9DAngy5yEuZu2R2mY4.

Sometimes you need to act, just staying informed never works. You can buy sell Bitcoin in INDIA here.


Yay! I am back into running. If i successful complete 10km in two weeks, then I would go ahead and renew my GYM’S Membership. For the last 2 months, i was only paying the fee and lazying around. To ensure that i stay disciplined, I am running.
Here are my current tracks, slow and steady but long way to run. http://runkeeper.com/user/750741384/fitnessReports/running#personalRecords

Tracked using Runkeeper. Here for Android

Windows 8 Enterprise 64 bit an .net 2 and 3.5 issue

I have a set of Manager tools, including server management applications which depend on .net35 and after moving to windows 8, I realized that “ADD REMOVE” programs to install .net 2-3.5 failed. The only option left was using your installation CD and using dism command. So Here you go:

Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3 /All /LimitAccess /Source:x:sourcessxs
(Here x stands for your DVDrom drive)


Port mirroring using iptables on ddwrt.

If you use ddwrt and have snort/snorby in your home network on a different machine, you can send all logging this way.

iptables -A PREROUTING -t mangle -j ROUTE –gw –tee
iptables -A POSTROUTING -t mangle -j ROUTE –gw –tee

12.254 is the machine where you do a copy forward all packets


I rooted my old phone HTC Desire HD today, which was unrooted after I got bore from MIUI. I did a S-OFF and flashed it with Cyanogenmod. The phone has become fast, which was not before with HTC sense 3. The only thing I missed was swype and getting contacts by dialing there name.

I got through this installing swype beta, and Dial-pro from Google Play. Pictures below:

Upadate: Cyanogenmod 7.2.0 RC1 has new predictive contact. Swype was removed as memory usage was way high 21mb.